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Count these highs is a tender observation of the world around us. Finding beauty in the mundane elements of life. All verses, no hook. A calling to the audience to live in the present. A powerful piano, with climatic chords. 

Produced by: Matt Camacho

Mixed by: Dolapo Inc

Written, recorded by: Erik Evy

Music video: Undoc Recs

An acoustic, hip hop blend. Erik reaffirms his journey with confidence in his intangibles. The start of the next chapter, What It Means To Be Human

Matinee: The 3 Part Narration 9/29/22

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Matinee is a 3 part transition in my journey on where I want my music to go. I start by asking questions, trying to identify a purpose, how it relates to those affected by my decisions. 

I express some context and what lead me to pursue music, the inspirations I have drawn from the world around me. 

The last triad is my expression of being comfortable in my own skin; crossing the bridge to confidence and a professional mindset towards music. 

Matinee symbolizes the afternoon show, before I show the world my whole vision in spring of 2023. 

Performance Recap at Subterranean Chicago (7/3/22) 

Sub t 6.7.22 V2 with bold time.png
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